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REVEALED!! How To Get Your Free 1GB Data on Airtel Network

Hello Remaloadites, I have a good news for you this lockdown period.
Have you ever wondered how you would finish the money you have on data this lockdown COVID 19 period, don't worry, I have a good news for you.

For sometime now Airtel have been gifting people and it subscribers 1GB data for free and yet still some people are not aware of it.
Before we get into the main procedure, it is important for you to know that this will only work on Airtel Networks.

Things you need to get the Airtel 1GB Free data;

An Android phone

A working Airtel Phone Number

At least 20mb of data to download.

Now let's jump into the main thing.

Go to Google Play Store on you phone with your mobile data on, then search for 'Airtel App'.

Immediatly you search for Airtel App, if you have a strong Network connection it will pop up ranking the first.

Download it, after downloading it you then open it and insert your Airtel Phone Number. Immediatly you do so you'll get an SMS with your OTP activation number. Do well to write it out and type it in the provided space.

Note: Sometimes you'll be sent the activation number but you phone will activate it automatically without asking you to type it, don't worry it is normal, it's just to save you the stress. But in a situation where it doesn't happen that way, follow the instructions above.

Immediatly you get verified, you'll be credited with 1GB free Airtel Data valid for 7 days. Please in case you don't receive the SMS, dail *140# to check your Airtel Data balance after following the instructions.

Thanks and enjoy.

Please drop your comments. Good luck.

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