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Photos of ‘Funke Akindele’ Cleaning Streets Of Lagos, reportedly Fake, Taken 2 Years Ago - Research

Nigerians have started circulating pictures of Nollywood actress who was last Monday sentenced by a magistrate court in Lagos to a 14-day community service as well as a N100,000 fine for violating a part of the Infectious Disease Acts which prohibits a gathering of more 20 people in Lagos state. Remember, we informed you that FUNKE AKINDELE's photo on the platform was not a verified information, but rumors. Hence we conducted a proper research.

The viral picture is a long shot of a woman clad in the uniform of the Lagos State Waste Management Agency (LAWMA), cleaning a street in one of the suburbs of Lagos state. This picture is being circulated alongside misleading news reports by gossip blogs to be that of the actress serving her sentence. One of such reports as published by a blog, Information Nigeria, with the headline, ‘Funke Akindele begins 14-day community service (photo)’ claimed that the actress was “recently spotted cleaning the streets of Lagos which is part of her community service”.

The report further erroneously stated that “the actress is no doubt serving her punishment diligently as the 42-year-old mother of two was seen wearing a Lagos state uniform and cleaning the streets”.

The gossip blog also published the said picture with a caption that reads; ‘the actress serving her punishment’. Many other gossip blogs and online media platforms who shared the picture with the same report are believed to have picked the story off Information Nigeria. However, checks by Saturday Telegraph showed that the picture is not only fake but also has nothing to do with the Nollywood actress.

Truly, the actress alongside her husband were sentenced to a 14-day community service as well as ordered to pay a fine of N100,000 each. But the court did not mandate them to engage in cleaning the streets of Lagos as part of their community service. In fact, the stipulation of the court with respect to the community service is that “each defender shall visit 10 important public places within Lagos state to educate the public on the consequences of non-compliance with the restriction order” and not to sweep the streets of Lagos.

Hence, the viral picture could not have had the actress in it as the court order does not mandate her to clean the streets. Funke Akindele’s management team further confirmed to Saturday Telegraph that the picture in circulation has nothing to do with the actress.

The team noted that the actress as well as her husband had taken the court order in good faith and were willing to go on the community service spree but that does not involve sweeping and cleaning the streets. Therefore, at no point was she clad in the LAWMA uniform, cleaning the streets.

“The picture is fake,” the team stated. When Saturday Telegraph dug deeper, it was revealed that the picture was not even taken recently. It is two years old. Using web analytics tool, it was discovered that the picture first surfaced online on Sunday, June 17, 2018. It was associated with a News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) report on the sacked 300 street sweepers’ supervisor in Lagos State.

The Nation Newspaper was the first to ever publish the picture on the internet as a featured image to a story titled, ‘Confusion trails ownership of sacked 300 street sweepers’ supervisors in Lagos’ which was published on June 17, 2018. The picture was later republished by People’s Daily NG the following day with the same news story.

The web analytics tool also revealed that the picture has since been republished about 30 more times as an attachment to one news story on street sweepers in Lagos State or the other.

The public has been made to believe that the said image is Funke Akindele cleaning the street of Lagos but this is not true for never was that a part of her community service itinerary nor does the picture has anything to do with her.

SOURCE: Newtelegraph

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