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Ban Buying Of Cars For Politicians, SERAP Urges Buhari

Just of recent times, the  Socio-Rights and Accountability Project has urged the President, Major General Muhammadu Buhari (retd.), to stop the purchase of new cars for politicians, and also the ministers until the end of his regime.

This was gathered in an open letter to Buhari asking him to use his “leadership position to follow the ‘Namibia example’ by urgently issuing an executive order to ban the purchase of new cars by the presidency, and all ministers for the remainder of the tenure of your administration, that is, until May 2023.”

It could be noted money saved from this, the group said, would assist to reduce the impact of coronavirus and the lockdown on Nigerians.

SERAP further went ahead to ask the president to “encourage the National Assembly and governors to ban the purchase of new cars and to use the savings to pay workers’ salaries and pensioners’ entitlements”.

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