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Ex President, Obasanjo Should Be In Jail By Now And Also Not Be Given Credit For Bringing GSM To Nigeria - Samklef

Just of recent, Nigerian producer, Samklef has stated extensively, reasons to why Obasanjo should be named the worst president Nigeria has ever had an encounter with.

Samklef used his Twitter to slam the former President Obasanjo making it clearly known that he would be in jail if Nigeria was a civilized country. 

He emphasized that Obasanjo should not be given any credit for the entry of GSM in Nigeria but instead hail the private sector. 

From what he said, Obasanjo instead sold the most expensive license ever recorded in the world. He added that before Dubai became the megacity it is today, the former head of state was approached by their government to borrow money but Obasanjo turned them down.

He also claimed that Nigeria is not a democratic country but instead the government still practices army arrangement democrazy government which was created by Obasanjo and which is the template practiced by the current administration. Samklef ended his talk by telling Nigerians to ask Obasanjo what he did with the money that was supposed to give Nigeria 24 hours light now that he is still alive.

See the tweets below:

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