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In Africa, We Marry For Children Not Love - Senator Reveals

The Nigerian Senator representing Enugu north, Chukwuka Utazi has made it known to the public that Africans marry for children and not love.

He revealed this known while contributing to a debate on a bill wanting to prevent, control and manage sickle cell anaemia in the country, on Tuesday, May 12.

Chukwuka Utazi of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) further asserted that many people cannot marry their main choice because of blood group.

“This bill is taking me down the memory lane because I’m an AS carrier and when I was about getting married, several years ago, I moved into this orbit and I know what I went through because I was in love.In Africa, We Marry For Children Not Love - Senator

I knew the trauma. After that incident, for five years I didn’t come out of it,”

He said.

“So I am speaking from experience and I know how it pains that you have made a choice and you discover that the choice can’t work. Because in Africa, we marry for children, we don’t marry for love.”

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