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Is It Only Men That Womanize? Don't Women "Manize"?

Hi Remaloadedites, I want to ask "us" a simple question? Is it only men that womanize? Don't women "manize"...
Anyway, let's get started...
During religious celebrations especially in Christianity and Islamic religions, the religious leaders always ask their folks to isolate themselves from wining, dining and mostly important womanizing. 
There is nothing wrong with this, after all that's what they were called to sermonize. However, what draws my attention is that this things especially the womanizing aspect is always directed to the men. This seems to me that the clergy holds only the men guilty of the world's sexual immorality. And this is the point that stems the major contention.
The argument about womanizing has often been said that it is a man that first makes the move in the man-woman relationship or game, and that if men don't make the move, women would be in their way and there will be no sexual transgression in the society. Are you sure?
In the past few years, men have been viewed as womanizers. But the question is, is this still true in the modern society? And I say no! The equation has changed; the modern woman now schemes and lures men into her net. 
Flipping through the pages of newspapers we often read of women who lure their brother, boyfriend or any other male gender to have sex with them. Yet still men get accused of womanizing. We all hear the story of women who offer their daughter to men so as to gain political position or material things, yet men stand accused in the eyes of our religious leaders. 
It is now common that female students offer their bodies to their male lecturers to earn high grades, they know what they want and take such step to get it. But, the lecturers are the ones accused of corrupting the "young ones". Young ones indeed.
          A girl would take her friend to her boyfriend's house and at the end of it, the lady that was brought will seduce the boyfriend of her friend. Yet the man will be accused and the girl declared innocent. What code of morality is this!
The modern lady is like a green snake. She bits and swears that she has no teeth, she commits evil and pretends, she lures the man and when the man is accused, she goes scot free.
As some women would say, man are stupid, exploitative, beast like and heartless. Men may fall under these, but the question is...... Are women guiltless of sexual immorality?
Can't women be also accused of manizing? Are they saints?
There are two parties involved in sexual misconduct, but to me, the sexual health of a community mostly depends on the female gender. For if they say no to sexual immorality, nothing of such would happen except the evil spirit of homosexuality that is looking for a way to penetrate.
 In that way, women should teach their daughters to say a strong NO to married men, in that way, married men will not commit adultery.
 They should tell their daughter not to have sex until they are married, in that way there will be no fornication.
They should tell their daughters to dress modestly and cover every sensitive parts of their body, in that way there won't be rape.
 Lastly, women should breed their offspring not to become a prostitute, in that way men will not be accusing of messing around.
I therefore submit that women are responsible in the greater aspect of sexual immorality than men. The next time our religious leaders are giving sermons, they should remember to include the dangers of "manizing", then will the message look into the modern day reality.

May God Help Us......

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