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NO BE LIEEEEEEE! Man Arrested And Released From Jail Three Times In 24 Hours

Getting to us recently, a California man has reportedly said to have been arrested and released three times in one day thanks to the state’s new zero-bail polic.

From the information gathered through ABC 7, Glendora County police said that they arrested and released 24-year-old Dijon Landrum three times on Wednesday and blamed the zero-bail policy from preventing him to stay behind bars.

The first arrest took place around 8:28 a.m. after a few police officers responded to a call about a man who has been attempting to break into vehicles. At the time of his first arrest, Landrum also had drugs in his possession. He was issued a citation and released from jail.

His second arrest then took place an hour after his release when the police discovered Landrum placing stolen items from front yards in a box. Shortly after, he was issued a citation and released from jail.

Later that night, Glendora police had an encounter with Laundrum once more after responding to a report about a stolen vehicle from a parking lot on South Ave.

How many is that?

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