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She Committed A Criminal Abortion Because Of This

Criminal Abortion is a kind of abortion that is procured illegally; this means that there is no tangible reason why the pregnancy should be destroyed and also no obtainable legal backing. 

Wow…so we have hundreds of criminals parading the street of which in their lives one time or the other had procured an abortion or advised a person to do so. Plenty of them you can’t imagine and of course most of them result in casualties. Here, I’m going to tell you the fate of a young and beautiful twenty-five year old seamstress who is currently six-feet below the surface of the earth for the tragic reason I’m going to let you know so you can learn from……
          This beautiful damsel of whom I’m not going to mention her name was not a call girl, so she had a boyfriend who was a carpenter and was financially fluctuating; he lived in a one room apartment and was still a ‘boi boi’. As nature would have it when most times opposite sex live together……..she got pregnant and told him about it, as a sensible and matured man he was happy at first but  also sad. He was happy because he will soon realize his dream of becoming a father at a young age, perhaps his was twenty-eight years old- and on the other side sad because he was not well equipped to be a father, however, he hoped that things would get better before the baby arrives. Although, this guy hoped for a better tomorrow, but the lady did not see it that way, hence, she was very sad. She soon got to know the great difference a financially stronger husband would attain, so before he would continue hustling after assuring her that things would get better, she consulted her friend who took her to a quack nurse in a village where she had done abortion before. As fate would decide for her, the pregnancy had gone far before she met the quack nurse, foolishly she lied to the nurse that the pregnancy was three months when it was already six months. I think the woman believed her due to her nature because her tummy didn’t really shot out.
          Oh….my God…..hmmmm, to be sincere, only God knows how the deadly procedure went, I don’t want to know…..it may be too frightening, but in no distant time after the devilish act, she started experiencing sharp stabbing pains in her lower abdomen and a frequent free flow of blood. This continued for days and her friend would assure her that she had similar problems when she committed an abortion, and so she continued to live in agony until the situation became unbearable and was taken to the hospital, there she realized that she had committed what was more than abortion, to be frank, she had holes in her womb, what a medicine staff would described as a perforated uterus. And when she was opened up in the theatre the doctor and nurses were shocked. Imagine, a human being with blood flowing in her veins… was stinking like sewage, aside the perforated womb she had what could be described as  a superimposed infection, all the places in her womb had been eaten up by horrible microbes that infected her. The womb was dead, brittle and black; in fact it had no life in it anymore. The doctor had no choice than to remove the decayed womb inside her…..I mean it would be silly living the decayed thing in her, because it would continue to infect and re-infect her and every potent medicine known and administered would be futile.
          Now her boyfriend was totally broke, he had used all the money he saved, and even went ahead to borrow just because of the love he had for her although he obviously frowned at her action, because he didn’t support it and wasn’t even aware when the devilish act took place. However, she made it through the surgery, but few days later after the operation, it seemed the bacteria that had soaked up her system was ready to frustrate the medical team so she started experiencing protracted fever and never survived it…..how tragic…she died!
          So folks out there, it would be better to prevent an unwanted pregnancy, than trying to get rid of one. From where you start to where you end is a terrible sin in the sight of God. Be careful girls…

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