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”We Now Have Lots Of Crappy Actors And Directors” – Actor Yul Edochie Cries Out

Nollywood popular actor, Yul Edochie of recent times is opinion that the quality of home videos in Nigeria should increase, since it has dropped drastically.

Yul made this known via his Twitter handle, noting that;

The Nigerian film industry is now filled with ”crappy actors, actresses, and directors.”

”The quality of our home videos has dropped so much. Lots of crappy actors/actresses, crappy directors.

We can’t continue like this. To all seasoned Nollywood practitioners, pls let’s revive it. People love our content all over the world. We just need to step up the quality.” he tweeted

It could be noted that what he is saying is the truth, ever since quacks got into the filmaking industry, things have changed, Nollywood is turning into something else. As we all know, you cannot give what you don't have, most fellows in Nollywood never studied Theatre Arts neither did they study any thing related to film that's why there is rubbish everywhere now.
Yul Edochie being a thespian because he studied Theatre Arts understands what entertainment is all about and has given his own candid opinion which has to be looked into. Note that any movie produced, directed, acted or scripted by a theatre artiste must always be professional and must be different from those of quacks.

”We Now Have Lots Of Crappy Actors And Directors” – Actor Yul Edochie Cries Out

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