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Bittered Singer, Cynthia Morgan Clears All Her Post And Unfollows Everyone On Instagram (See Here)

Controversial Nigeria's popular singer Cynthia Morgan has recently cleared all her posts on Instagram and unfollowed everyone…

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It's so unfortunate of what happened to her, it was really bad for her because her come back stunt did not work out and Nigerians were extremely mean to her on the social media.

Of course you can trust Nigerians when it comes to scolding a celebrity.

See what's happening to celebrities here 👈

Davido made it known that he would help her if she called him, he was following her on Instagram the last time we checked but no anymore now.

We currently don’t know what’s taking place in her camp, but she has been quiet for pass few days. We're still trying to get information and we'll let you know immediately we gather anything.

See Screenshots below:-

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