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COVID-19 Threatening 13 Million Jobs In Nigeria – United Nations Reveals

On Wednesday the World Food Programme of the United Nations declared that the COVID-19 pandemic may lead to the loss of 13 million jobs in Nigeria.

According to the agency, Nigeria needs urgent financial intervention to boost its economy, as millions of citizens across the country are currently suffering the harsh economic impact of the virus.

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(World Food Programme of the United Nations) WFP’s Senior Spokesperson, Elisabeth Byrs, revealed this in a statement from her agency, stating that more than $182m has to be archived in order to aid sustain life-saving aid to Africa’s most populous country over the next six months.

She further emphasized that nothing less than 3.8 million citizens, especially those in the informal sector, are set to lose their jobs, furthering that the figure can increase to 13 million if the restriction on movements which is the lock-down continues for a long time.

According to Byrs:-

“We are concerned by conflict-affected communities in North-East Nigeria who already face extreme hunger and who are especially vulnerable. They are on life-support and need assistance to survive.”

The WFP official, also made it known to the public that her organization had commenced distributing two months worth of food and nutrition assistance to Internally Displaced Persons’ camps and also vulnerable communities.

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Byrs however noted that three million vulnerable individuals in Abuja, Kano and Lagos are going to benefit from the assistance from the WFP.

“We are actually scaling up our operations in the North-East to serve more people in response to the new challenges of more food insecurity posed by COVID-19,” Byrs stated.

She further asserted that job losses are going to also increase the rate of hunger in the country, and this is one of the main reasons it had to assist vulnerable citizens in Nigeria.

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