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Nani Announces Where Cristiano Ronaldo Is Set End His Football Career

Orlando City SC captain, Nani, has just stated that Juventus award-winning forward, Cristiano Ronaldo, will argurably end his career in an MLS club in the United States of America.

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Nani and Ronaldo were ex teammates at Manchester United.

It should be noted that Ronaldo’s current deal at Juventus will expire in 2022.

However Nani has it in mind that his fellow compatriot will make a move to MLS.

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“A couple of years ago, he [Cristiano Ronaldo] told me that he would probably end up in America,” Nani told ESPN.

“It is not 100% but probably. There is a chance. It is a great league.

“There are points where we must improve as a league, even in the quality of the players.

“Here you have fantastic clubs, well organised with fantastic conditions, great coaches, great players. You see every season improving.

“I think we all have the conditions in this league. We are in a great country. Everything is around us. It’s all about being better, not being afraid to improve.”

It is noted that Ronaldo  35, has scored 53 goals in 76 matches for Juventus so far since arriving from Real Madrid in 2018.

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