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#NigeriansMustFall Going Viral On Twitter See Why (Video)

Earlier we discovered that South Africans are advocating for Nigerians to leave their country after a video went viral, showing a lady, reported to be from South Africa, twerking for some Nigerian men.

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Because of this incident, South Africans commenced the use of hashtags #NigeriansMustFall and #NigeriansMustGo to blast Nigerians, further blaming them for the negative influence in their society.

Viewing the video that steered this anger, a woman is seen pulling down her pants to twerk for some Nigerian men.

The twerking woman is sighted with lipstick between her butt cheeks as she danced for the men who were speaking Yoruba.

In response to the viral video, South Africans have blamed Nigerians of all sorts, including drugging and raping their women.

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Few people noted aloud that the woman didn’t seem as if she was forced to twerk but others shut them down and stated that, even if she wasn’t forced, she must have been drugged.

However, few South Africans came to the defence of Nigerians and accused their countrymen of xenophobia.

They pointed out that femicide is on the rise as South African men kill their women and get away with it.

But those people were also shut down as South Africans passed the blame to Nigerians.

Nigerian Twitter users have warned Nigerians in South Africa to be careful as the hashtag could snowball into violence.

See the video that caused outrage and reactions to it:-



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