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See Video Of White Police Officers Kneeling To Wash Feet Of Black Protesters, Beg For Forgiveness Over Years Of Racism (Video)

Recently, few white police officers have been sighted washing the feet of some black protesters in Cary North Carolina.

According to the officers in the video, the police were asking the protesters for forgiveness for years of racism, white members of the community were also seen cleaning the feet of black religious leaders.

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Furthermore, a man could also be seen and heard saying a prayer into a megaphone asking people to repent of their sins and historical involvement in slavery and oppression against African-Americans.

The man with the megaphone, while praying, acknowledging that there’s only one race of people.

 He however pleaded for forgiveness for their white ancestors enslaving, mistreating, and oppressing African-Americans.

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Watch the Video below:

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