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Three Positive Methods To Tackle The Issue Of Rape In Nigeria (Study & Share Your Thoughts)

Rape is speedily becoming a national threat threatening the lives of young ladies in Nigeria.

Some male Nigerian Youths no longer want to apprehend the idea of “consent” earlier than sex.

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They need to take it by way of force whether the female likes it or now not.

The problem is turning into more worrisome in recent times to the quantity that the perpetrators of rape do no longer most effective rape. They rape and kill.

Considering the tragic tale of Uwa, the Uniben woman that was raped and killed in church premises.

It's far but vital that Nigeria as a country makes extreme movements to remove or lessen the rape incidents inside to the barest minimum.

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We will now not keep to lose young, stunning, and promising girls to the wicked manhood of rapists.

Beneath Are 3 approaches we suppose the problem Of Rape may be Tackled In Nigeria

1. Rape Punishments must appeal to Capital Punishment

Yes, it is high time we amend Nigeria’s criminal regulation by using adjusting punishments for rape to a dying penalty as opposed to simply 21years imprisonment.

Many younger women had been thrown into a life-time of discomfort and pains. It is greater disgusting to listen news of 45-year-vintage having sex with 1-five years vintage infant.

For these sorts of guys, loss of life sentence of lifestyles-imprisonment must the best choice for them.

2. Self-Defence training in opposition to Rape have to Be added To academic activities

It is ok to fashion #SayNoToRape hashtag, or #StopRapingWomen however we must ask ourselves how a lot has our society trained an average woman baby on a way to shield herself in opposition to rapists.

A well-educated lady will recognize wherein not to head by myself and if by myself and the way to always protect herself.

This training have to also include special fight towards rapists. From number one college to tertiary group, we want to start teaching our women how to kick balls of rapists and cry for help.

2. Growth Media Recognition On #SayNoToRape

The media being the fourth property of the world has a function to play in tackling the risk of rape in Nigeria.

Radio, television, blogs, and different media shops want to start making aware efforts at the use of their platform to discourage guys from the act of rape, enlighten them approximately the idea of consent, and allow them to understand how massive the punishment for Rape is.

Whether or not it is Stooop!! Or prevent Joor!! Any prevent is forestall!!

The media desires to begin instructing younger girls on a way to save you rape and the significance of speaking out and seek for assist on every occasion they revel in any sexual assault.

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