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[Visualizer] Tekno – “Sudden”

[Visualizer] Tekno – “Sudden

Nigerian popular singer, Tekno has finally blessed our screens with the visualizer for his viral song “Sudden“, which turned him from Tekki to Lagbaja… Enjoy!

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What You Need To Know About Sudden

Tekno's hitting music “Sudden” is a mid-tempo socially conscious music that is filled with so much vibe.

 Listening to this thoughtful music, you could notice that Tekno gives voice to the hopeless and voiceless.

He sings for millions of Nigerians that are suffering under the government of our corrupt and evil leaders.

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He further emphasized on the homeless citizens,the hungry ones on the streets, and citizens not being able to enjoy basic social amenities even after working hard.

Just like Burna Boy, Tekno is primarily using music as a means to speak about the never-ending corruption and poverty in the country.

Quotable lyrics

No be today my people dey suffer. No be today. I say e don tey my people dey suffer. If na by hardwork. Poor man go get money. Poor man go get money. 

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This is an emotional message which reflects the negative issues affecting Nigeria, the song also boasts of a catchy dance-worthy beat.

It again shows Tekno’s versatility as a singer, producer, and songwriter.

It is also worthy to note that Tekno has always addressed real-life issues in his songs as he did that with “Rara” and some other notable tracks.

The singer has come a long way in the music industry and he did this without an album.

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 He seems to be the only artiste that has gotten this far without a solid boy of work.

Howey, the singer has one in the works which is expected to be released this year.

Watch and Enjoy this entertaining visualizer below

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