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2023: Buhari’s Education Minister, Nwajiuba Warns Southeast Against ‘Igbo Presidency’

Just of recent events, the Minister of State for Education, Emeka Nwajiuba, has warned his brothers in the Southeast to stop the campaign for Igbo presidency.

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Nwajiuba made it known that there was no time in the history of Nigeria that the presidency was ceded to a particular ethnic group based on tribe, therefore the Southeast should be careful over the term Igbo presidency.

Nwajiuba said:

“Anybody talking about Igbo presidency should be careful because there was never a time we heard about Hausa presidency. When the Yoruba were contesting, we did not hear of Yoruba presidency, why is our own different?

“There is no time people involved in politics will cede a position to anybody.

“Anyday you bring out an aspirant that is acceptable to other Nigerians, that is the day you indeed want the position of president in Nigeria. All you need is majority. Buhari won the APC primaries with 3,886 votes.

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“So there was never a time it was ceded to Buhari. The people that voted for Buhari outnumbered others in that primaries.

”Even if the Igbo cry from now till thy kingdom come, if they don’t bring out a person that is acceptable to other Nigerians, nothing happens.”

It should be noted that, Ohanaeze Ndigbo has been in the forefront to make sure of the emergence of an Igbo presidency in 2023.

However, the Deputy spokesperson of Ohanaeze Ndigbo had recently insisted that it was the turn of the Southeast to produce Nigeria’s next president.

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