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5 Times, 5 Joking Nigerian Politicians Have Showed Their Comedy And Acting Skills ‘In The Public’ – No. 3 Is The Funniest of All (See Videos)

I swear, na only Baba God fit save us for dis we country, most times when I reason this country matter, I go just laugh😂.

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You don ever hear say '9ja na joke', “Nigeria Is A Joke“, no ever doubt am politicians wey we get are in the business of doing things thinking we citizens are fools.

Funny enough, these are people voted into power to make and implement the law but what did you expect?

They are the first law breakers and they do many silly things to get away with their corrupt practices.

So, we've carefully brought out 5 Times Nigerian Politicians Have Proved They Are Just Using This Country To Catch Cruise.

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1. Fayose Crying Saga

You could remember that in the build up for Ekiti State’s last election, the ex-Governor pulled up a very funny drama.

After the INEC and Federal government already declared that rallies should stop, the state governor still went ahead to do a PDP rally.

When Police attempt to disperse the rally with tear gas and pademonium stated everywhere, Mr. Fayose played a victim card saying tear gas and Police slap broke his neck.

While speaking with Journalists, he cried and shouted,

“I am in severe pain, if anything happens to me, the IG of police should be held accountable”.

Watch Video Below:-

However, the drama is also part of his plans to form sick so that he will not be arrested for corruption charges after the election.

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2. Olisah Metuh Collapse In Court

Notably, when a trial at Abuja High Court took place, the ex national publicity secretary of the People’s Democratic Party, Olisah Metuh collapsed in the court.

Funny enough, when baba was embezzling N400 million part of money traced to the former National Security adviser, Sambo Dasuki, he did not collapse oo. But when probed, baba had no choice than to collapse.

Watch Video Below:-

Indeed Baba Metuh, are we a joke to you?

3. Dino Melaye Acting The Role of a Cripple In Court

Dino Melaye is undeniably one of the most active dramatic politicians we have in this our 9ja.

Last election in Kogi was a brutal one and the Senator himself was involved in a homicide case that has to do with killing of a policeman at Checkpoint.

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We gathered that Senator Dino Melaye and his armed thugs killed a policeman on stop and search duty in Kogi State.

As an actor Dino tried to jump out of the car when arrested and when he was picked up, he claimed he could not walk into the court room as his tiny legs were paralyzed 😂

Watch Video Below:-

As you can see in the photo and video above some good samaritans assisted him inside the court.

However it was a good acting😂

4. NDDC Acting MD, Pondei Fainting Saga

The Niger Delta Development Commission acting MD, Pondei recently during a public interrogation with House Of Reps over 1.2 billion Naira fraud within the commission put up a good act of fainting.

We noted that when the heat of questions started troubling this man, he wasted no time than to faint out of trouble, so that he can avoid other questions that can put him into more troubles.

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When attempt was made to open his mouth like Samson did to the lion in the bible baba vex open eye

Anyways, we have the full video, you can watch it below. This is very funny aswear 😂

Watch Video Below:-

5. Akpabio vs Lawmakers Over NDDC Contracts

The Minister for Niger Delta Affairs, Godswill Akpabio made another shocking revelation while facing House Of Representative panel on 1.2 billion fraud case at NDDC.

When Akpabio was hitting the bombshell that the National Assembly members are the sole beneficiaries of NDDC contracts that were not well carried out, the Chairman of the probe committee automatically felt uncomfortable.

He was sighted trying to stop Akpabio from talking, the funniest part is Akpabio begged him to allow him talk but baba say off your mic. As e be say bushmeat wan catch hunter 😂

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Watch Video Below:-

In this case, corruption is probing corruption. Walahi, this country don cast. 😂

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