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Linda Ikeji Has Pursued Single Ladies Away From Me – Popular Nollywood Actor Cries Out

Recently Nollywood's popular actor, Mike Godson has cried out seriously accusing popular blogger Linda Ikeji of being the reason why he is still single and not married.

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From what Godson said, blogger Linda Ikejie published a fake story about him last year which went viral which has pushed all the single ladies away from him.

You could remember that Linda Ikeji last year May published a story about the Nigerian actor Mike set to expect a set of twins from his American wife called Latereece.

Funny enough, the lady in question sent some photos to Linda Ikeji making claims that she is expecting a set of twins with her alleged husband Mike Godson.
Mike Godson however came out to deny being married or expecting a set of twins as published bu the blogger.

From what he said, he has not met the woman before neither is he expecting any twins and also disclosed that he hadn’t traveled to the State in the last four years.

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However, in a current post made by the actor, he cried out concerning the way singles ladies have been avoiding him because they believe he is married because of the publication publicized by Linda Ikeji last year.

In a detailed text on his Instagram page, he wrote:

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