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Reason I Named My Grandson, Goodnews – Obesere Reveals

Popular Nigerian Fuji star, Abass Akande, mostly known as Obesere, had just become a grandfather last week and he is still filled with joy at the new addition to his extended family.

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During an interview session with Saturday Beats. Obesere revealed the name he gave his grandchild and what caused it.

He said:-

“The first thought that came to my mind when I heard that my daughter had been delivered of a baby was that I was getting old to the point that I had become a grandfather and I thanked God. I was actually surprised when the news went viral because I’m not the first person to become a grandfather.

Also, good news rarely ‘trend’ in Nigeria as people seem to like negative news more. It then dawned on me that God really loves me and causes good things to happen to me.

There is nothing special that I do. It’s just God that directs me. Even when I got the chieftaincy title of ‘Agba Akin Bobagunwa of Yorubaland’, people did not criticise it.

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Out of every 10 people that reacted to the news, nine of them appreciated it. Also, on my birthday, January 28, I usually get good wishes from all over the world, yet I have never had a birthday party. I usually spend it at home with my family.

God loves me so much and that’s why I gave my grandson the name, Goodnews. I am happy that people always like to hear good news about me.”

When he was asked if he would be making any lifestyle changes to celebrate the birth of his grandchild, the singer said:-

“There is nothing I’m doing that is bad. I only keep doing the things I do that make people love me so much. It is my music career that has made me popular and I thank God that He has blessed the work of my hand.”

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