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WHO Lists Out 10 African Countries With High Coronavirus Cases

According to the World Health Organisation (WHO), the 10 countries are responsible for the 88 percent of coronavirus cases in Africa.

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This information was made known via UN agency’s Regional Office for Africa who announced the report on its Twitter account @WHOAFRO on Friday.

Notably, the countries include;

South Africa, Nigeria, Ghana, Algeria, Cameroon, Cรดte d’Ivoire, Kenya, Senegal, Ethiopia and Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).

WHO made it known that the COVID-19 outbreak continues to evolve in the WHO African Region since it was first detected in Algeria on February 25, 2020.

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Furthermore, it asserted that since the last External Situation Report 19 issued on July 8, 2020, a total of 108,098 new cases (27 percent increase) was reported from 45 countries from 8 to 14 July, 2020.

Of the 108,098 reported new cases, the majority, 76 percent (82,437), were recorded in South Africa

WHO stated that South Africa is now the eighth most affected country globally, with its cumulative number of cases (298,292).

South Africa cases exceed that of the United Kingdom (290,137) and Iran (Islamic Republic of) (259,652), now in the ninth and tenth position, respectively.

On July 11, 2020, the WHO African Region and South Africa recorded their highest daily case counts of 17,232 and 12,349, respectively.’

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