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BBNAIJA: I'm Fed Up Of The Love Triangles In This House - Prince Tells Tolanibaj

Bbnaija lockdown controversial housemate, Prince has recently hinted on the blossoming toxicity in his new relationship with co-housemate Tolanibaj.

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Shortly after their Saturday night party, Prince got into a conversation with Trikytee about how he was struggling to manage Tolanibaj’ emotions after she caught him dancing a little too intimately with Wathoni.

Away from his Wathoni, Tolanibaj situations, Prince further revealed that his involvement in the Nengi, Ozo triangle is another source of strain for him. While admitting he loved the triangle for a while, he revealed he now wanted to be friends with everyone.

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Peace for Tolanibaj means ‘setting boundaries’ around the house especially with Wathoni who she claims has a few designs on him.

Trikytee, who played a middle man in the couple’s chitchat, weighed in with advice on the true threat-Nengi.

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