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BBNAIJA: More Drama Unveils As Lucy Slams Nengi That She Has Nothing To Offer Aside Her Curvy Body (See Here)

The Big Brother House is getting more interesting, tensed up, and with more controversies as days pass by.

The complication has become more controversial as the issue between Ozo, Dorathy and Nengi gathers momentum everyday day.

You can testify that it's so unfortunate that Nengi has gathered more enemies than friends from her female housemates in the BBNaija house than she ever expected.

You could remember that Dorathy was annoyed with Nengi and Ozo when he tried to assist Nengi when she vomited after she had excessive drink at the party.

However, it like Dorathy and Katrina are not the only housemates who view Nengi as being annoying but Lucy as well. The three female housemates were sighted after the Saturday night party gisting about Nengi and how she wishes to dominate the men in the house.

Katrina made it known that that Nengi acts domineering only to attract the men in the house after which she throws them off. The ladies made fun of Nengi after Lucy said to them that Nengi has nothing to offer.

Nengi who was hurt by Lucy’s comment was spotted talking to Neo and told him that Lucy came up to her to tell her that she has nothing to offer on the show but her curvy body. “I don’t need to offer anything, because I alone I’m a complete offer, abi she no dey see” she reported to Neo.

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