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BBNAIJA: Vee & Wathony In Tensed Argument As Chief Instigator, Bright Preaches Peace (See Video)

The BB Naija house got tensed up with some exchange of words between Vee and Wath

The acclaimed room of love is turning out to become the room of “not so much love”. Vee got so mad she had to switch it up to Yoruba. It’s about to get really messy.

Bright kept yelling “let there be peace”, meanwhile this is someone that’s a major instigator in the conflict.

Brighto kept talking about the issue with Wathony until Vee walked in and things escalated.

At a point Wathony asked Vee to stop talking to her since she had said Wathony was not okay earlier.

“Do you talk to people that are not okay?”, Wathony asked.

Welcome to the “not so much love room”. And please drop one name you would call Bright. Just look at him stretching his neck in the third picture.

See Below:-

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