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BBNAIJA: Viral Last Night Video Of Laycon, Dorathy In Same Bed Brings In Commotion

Big Brother Naija, female exceptional housemate Dorathy on Tuesday night shared the bed with Laycon.

This is the first time both housemates has spend the night on the same bed.

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In a video going viral on social media, Dorathy was seen touching Laycon’s hair and asked him not to leave when he made attempt to.

This has caused reactions from BBNaija viewers wondering what both housemates may have been up to last night.

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From what we gathered via some opinions on Twitter, Dorathy has ‘Konji’, reason she slept on same bed with Laycon.

Laycon has been rejected by his first love interest Erica and has since been trying to move on.

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This could be a way of him trying to move on and get closer to other female housemates.

Here are some comments gathered by Remaloaded from Twitter:


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“ Dora should not disvirgin my Laycon that doesn’t know anything oh.”


“I like this tho! I don’t mind oh! For laycon and Dorathy! I think they are good together tho! E be things!


“ Just seeing this, what does Dorathy want ke ? Dorathy abeg no let devil use you oh.”

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“After 6 weeks, konji things is real.”


“ My two favorites. Go for it girl. That’s if Laycon is interested.”


“Dorathy and Laycon are beginning to get too close. They now even share the same bed. Another ship loading? Or was it just because of yesterday’s task brought them together?Anyways, both of them might reach the final, so I’m here for it all.”


“Laycon please make sure Dorathy doesn’t touch your Penis Because she will fall for you and I don’t want to lose you please, seeing her touching your hair to put you to sleep.”

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“I feel for Dorathy. She needs a man in that house.”


“ Konji na bastard. Pele Dorathy.”


“ This one na pure act of konji.”


“ Could this mean Laycon is getting Dorathy’s attention. “

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“ Laycon slept on Dora’s bed. She must have needed it because even after Laycon was fast asleep, she kept on playing with his hair as she also tried to fall asleep.”


“ Dorathy flirted with Brighto and Laycon slept on her bed and at around 2am I saw her hands aggressively going through Laycon’s dada while Laycon was fast asleep or pretending to be sleeping,I am the only on seeing Dora’s desperation to booed up these days?

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“ Konji na bast*rd oh, Dorothy in the mood.”


“ Wetin wan they occur between Laycon and Dora o.”

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“ OMG!! BBnaija just gets interesting day by day lol.”

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