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Falz Cries Out For President Buhari & Osinbajo To Reopen The Nigerian Entertainment Industry

Nigerian singer, Falz has called on the Nigerian government especially the first two citizens to reopen the entertainment industry. 

Making this known via his Twitter page, Falz spoke about how the sectors in the country have reopened and the entertainment sector is still left out. 

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From what he said, thousands of people working in the industry have been left stranded without jobs but restaurants, airports and even places of worship have been reopened. He also urged the Nigerian president, Buhari, and his vice, Professor Osinbajo to open up the sector.

He wrote: “Restaurants have reopened, airlines have been operating, places of worship have also been permitted to reopen. Let’s not even start to talk about all the videos that have surfaced of political rallies happening, clearly neglecting all safety precautions. Thousands of people have been left without any way to earn for several months. Right now, we don’t see anything but a government that contributes little or nothing to its creative sector and continues to attempt to stifle the sector in every way @MBuhari @ProfOsinbajo”

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Feel The Vibes Of Celebrity Updates Here 👈

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