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Download: T Classic – “Alirat” The EP


T Classic – "Alirat" EP ft Olutimi 

For Tolulope Ajayi–T Classic and Darasimi Famoyin, the EP, 'ALIRAT' reaches out past only creation of great music. It's tied in with respecting their lost adored one — an all-encompassing playlist committed to a long lost mother. 

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How it Began… 

The year was 20**, and Ajayi Tolulope, otherwise known as T-Classic, had recently finished his agreement with a record name. The vocalist/musician was at a junction. 

From one viewpoint, Tolulope was currently allowed to seek after the law degree that he had consistently needed. Simultaneously, T-Classic wished to leave an enduring effect on the music business. Along these lines, he looked for his tutor and previous chief, Darasimi Famoyin. 

“I just called him like: yo bro, I have a song I want to drop. After this song, I’m just gonna drop it and forget about music,” Tolulope reviewed. 

After T-Classic dropped the single, he could no longer leave making music. Incidentally, the lyricist's exertion had dazzled Darasimi, who currently claimed a record name. 

Along these lines, the start of a wonderful association. 

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The Death and Birth of Alirat… 

As in some other calling, accomplishment in the music business needs the correct help framework. That is the thing that Tolulope appreciated — unequivocal help from both the record mark proprietor and his mum, Mrs. Alirat Famoyin. 

Mrs. Famoyin was T-Classic's greatest fan. Not exclusively was she the first to tune in to the artist's new singles, however she would likewise offer direction when required. 

“She was loving, caring, and really supportive,” T-Classic described his relationship with Mrs. Famoyin. “She would call me every time she heard my song played on the TV or radio.“

Sadly, the growing companionship didn't keep going as long as T-Classic would have wished. In April 2020, Darasimi Famoyin lost his mom to intense pneumonia. Alirat was no more! 

Instead of lose themselves to the agony that followed, T-Classic and Darasimi decided to channel it into the one other thing that they shared for all intents and purpose — music. 

“We miss her. And we just wanted a way to let her know that she’ll always have a place in our heart,” the singer mused.

The passing of Mrs. Alirat Famoyin prompted the introduction of Alirat, the EP. 

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T Classic Alirat 

About Alirat by T-Classic 

T-Classic's Alirat is now appreciating consistent airplay on some top radio broadcasts in the nation. 

The E.P. includes moderately youthful makers, for example, Reward Beatz, Yalababayala, and godOmarr. As indicated by record name proprietor, Damilare Famoyin, that didn't occur by some coincidence. 

“I’ve always wanted to put out a body of work that showcases new talent, and Alirat provided such opportunity,” Famoyin said in an interview. “Everyone that contributed to this project are all new faces, from the producers to the featured artistes.”

In any case, why? Working with generally obscure individuals on such a significant venture proposes some type of penny-squeezing on the record mark's side. 

Notwithstanding, that doesn't appear to be the situation. Famoyin immediately brought up that the music business is presently open to youthful gifts. In contrast to the more seasoned age, these youthful appearances carry such a nonconformity vibe to the music-production measure, from the beats to the chime in verses. 

“I feel like more people now demand for good music, and that’s what these guys make,” He said.

"Alirat" is a four-track E.P. that incorporates melodies, for example, La Cream, Hold On, Pour Me Water (PMW), and Love You For Life. 

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See track-posting underneath 

T-Classic is presently taking a shot at the visuals for two tracks in the all-encompassing playlist — "Hang On" and "Pour Me Water". 

In the interim, the group expects to give a fifth of the E.P. 's continues to a NGO. 

Tune in and Enjoy underneath

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