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Reno Omokri Slams BBNaija Viewers, Reveals What Will Happen To Them When The Show Is Over

Popular Nigerian author and law practitioner, Reno Omokri has dropped another thought-provoking nuggets for Nigerian youths who are major viewers of the on-going Big Brother Nigeria reality show.

In his latest submissions, Reno Omokri said, youth who energetically campaign for Big Brother should put as much effort in selling a product. He also revealed t that when BBN is over, it is when most young Nigerians would realize that your sanity has been affected by the vanity you followed with clarity

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”You use your profile to campaign for your #BBNaija housemate. You even wear their branded T-Shirt and hold watch parties. Wrong focus.

If you had put in this same effort towards selling a product or promoting your business, you could have been a millionaire example of sell to excel by now! Name one moral lesson you have learnt from Big Brother? Cite one example of how it has affected your personal development. ‪

Fuel and electric prices were raised, and the Naira was devalued, while you were distracted by BBNaija. By the time BBN is over, and you are back to reality, you will realise that your sanity has been affected by the vanity you followed with clarity!‬”

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