American Rapper, Cardi B Reacts Over #EndSARS Protest In Nigeria

American rapper, Cardi B has reacted to the #EndSARS protest against police brutality in Nigeria.

The “WAP” singer’s reaction came after a Nigerian took to Twitter to inform her about the current situation in the country she claims to adore. 

The witter user urged her to use her platform to create more awareness for the Nigerian government to disband the dreaded and controversial unit of the Nigerian police force.

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“Madam @iamcardib, trump is not your only problem. Your beloved Nigeria is currently in a state of pandemonium. We are not safe!! If you’ve ever loved this country, please help use your platform to create more awareness for us. Enough is enough! #EndSarsProtests #EndSARSNow!!”

In response, Cardi B aksed for more explanation to understand the situation. She wrote: “What’s going? Can you give me a summary so I can research later ….you know I love Nigeria"

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