US ELECTION: Kanye West Reveals Ballot Paper Listing Him As A Vice-presidential Candidate

Rapper and fashion designer, Kanye West has taken to Twitter to show off a ballot where his name was listed as a vice-presidential candidate.

Father of four, West, shared a photo of a ballot on which he’s listed for the American Independent Party as a vice presidential candidate alongside his running mate, Roque ‘Rocky’ De La Fuente Guerra.

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West was named a vice presidential candidate in the Golden State by the party, as American Independent Party Vice Chairman Markham Robinson said the rapper was nominated to the post in August as a strategic move to boost votes.

According to TMZ, the move was made without consulting West and De La Fuente Guerra.

The Grammy-winner posted the ballot paper on his Twitter and wrote:-

Friends writing me in,’ on the ballot, in which he was written in as a presidential candidate.

Back in July, West revealed he was running for the Oval Office.

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‘We must now realize the promise of America by trusting God, unifying our vision and building our future,’ the Runaway singer said in a tweet. ‘I am running for president of the United States Flag of United States! #2020VISION.’

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