Wizkid Has Evolved As A Musician After ‘SFTOS’ – “Made In Lagos” Album Review

Wizkid Made In Lagos Album

Wizkid “Made In Lagos” Is More Than An Album | The Review.

Album – ‘Made In Lagos’ Review

Artiste – Wizkid

Tracks – 14

Duration – 52 minutes.

The blend of Afro-beat with samples, Hip-hop, R&B, Jazz Dancehall/Caribbean Calypso is refreshing to the ear and cool to the mind. No doubt the album is Made In Lagos.

Made In Lagos is more than an album title, it’s a statement, it’s a movement, it’s the new wave of Afro-beat thriving around the globe. So there is a conceptual meaning to the album.

What New York is to the USA, London to Britain is what Lagos is to Africa, And sonically Wizkid captured the essential sounds of Africa and beyond on this album.

Unlike his previous albums (“Superstar”, “AYO” and “Sounds From The Other Side – (SFTOS)“) Wizkid has an underlying theme to this project. The sound on the album is mature and collected. You can tell he is cutting an edge and bringing a more seriousness into his craft.

The average Nigerian fan might not see this album as a win since it doesn’t have the usual feel of dance and a high tempo beats which Wizkid is known for but if you are open-minded to understand that people evolve, then you will get why this album should be respected .

Made In Lagos is a 14 track album with star-studded appearance from Burna Boy, Terry, Tems, Ella Mai, H.E. R, Skepta, Damian Marley and many more artistes.

The album has a down-mellow vibe that cut through all 14 songs with a mature blend of different genres, and sometimes spectacular rhymes and lyrics meshed in the vocals of either Wizkid or the guest appearances.

What does a guy like Wizkid say these days ?

As usual, he keeps it on the obvious — Women, Sex, Money, Love and Fun.

You can actually get all of the above vibe in the Burna Boy assisted song called, “Ginger”

Although, one would have expected something else but the record is one of the outstanding one on the album. Afro-beat blend with Pop and a melodic chill of Burna’s voice and Wizkid stylish vocals made it a Pop. I expect this one to get a lot of airplay and maybe get a video too.

Then there is, “Smile” featuring Grammy Award winner H.E. R. This is the first single off this album, and it has a video which featured all Wizkid’s three children and appearances from Banky W and EM-Music. It’s a Dance-Hall/R&B/Calypso record with a unique sound and the style of both artiste came out well. 

What a nice chemistry they had and it makes sense now since most of the sound of the album is in this direction as in the case of “Sweet one” which is calm and laid-back with a lot of saxophones and sweet lyrics to stirr a girl to a love paradise. And just for the record Wizkid did good alone like he did with the tracks with features.

Skepta opened up with a rap on “Long Time.” Fans would think another collaboration between the two artiste will make a hit like, “Bad Energy” but unfortunately this one didn’t come close.

“Reckless” is a twist and blend of Samples (mostly Jazz elements) Calypso and Afro-beat. It’s one of the spectacular tracks on the album. One that kept bringing fire and style as he counts his blessings, shade of haters and proclaim himself a winner. You will love this track easily; the crisp and articulate flow meshed in pure rhythm and melody makes it a stand out.

Wizkid chemistry with every artiste on the album is worth noting. Like the Ella Mai record, “Piece Of Me” the UK singer brought her A game and Wizkid topple every one of his verses showing off skills, and they both put the R back to R&B . A great track and collaborative effort!

The chords that swirl around Tom drums and Wizkid’s vocals on “No Stress” makes this song a perfect X-Rated track. It is the second single off the album. “No Stress” is a sex rated track with blended elements of Afro-beat, Dance-Hall/Calypso and Hip-hop. 

It’s a unique song and one of the up-tempo tracks on the album. The other up-tempo song on the project is titled “Mighty Wine.” While this record has a nice blend of Afro-beat, Calypso, Pop elements which is well mixed like other tracks, it would have done better if there were an artiste featured on it.

“Blessed” is another song that cut through generations, genres and cultures. Damien Marley brought that Patois and wisdom to grace a track that blends Dance-Hall, Afro-beat and Jazz.

Wizkid went deep into giving thanks to God, his fans and talked about family, work ethics, and the many stresses of life which he is grateful of overcoming. This is one exceptional record. A spiritual record with depth.

“Grace” has no feature but it has the same ring to it like most of the other tracks. Grace and favor is the center focus of the song. A female backup vocal makes the record soothing and captivating. Towards the end you can’t help but sing along “You no fit run my race”…

STAR boy Terri didn’t have a Wizkid feature on his album so, it’s only right the two came together and connect on “Roma” a blend of High-Life and Afro-beat record which happens to be another high tempo song . It’s a good record to dance to but not exceptional. It has nothing on “Soco” the 2018 hit record that unveiled Terri and the Star boy label.

Wizkid has more female collaborators on the album than his entire career . Tems is one of them. “Essence” that’s the track title, and she connected well with the Star boy and like other female collaborators, the chemistry they have on this track is unique. The blend of Afro-beat, Hip-hop and Pop gave the two chance to flow and create a good vibe.

“Gyrate” has a horn session at the beginning of the song which will get listeners attention but happens to be one of the songs that didn’t work out to meet the standards of other records on the album.

“True Love” is a blend of Dance hall, Afro-beat & Calypso rhythm’s. Featuring Tay Iwar & Projexx. A sensual mellow track professing love with x-rated lyrics and patois. The effort is another good connection with Wizkid and his collaborators.

A lot of wizkid fans might not get the album on first listen because it doesn’t sound much like his previous albums, but eventually, they will come to like it for the maturity in sound, the vibes, and collaborations because it’s Wizkid’s first album that actually sounds like an album.

WIZKID is growing as a human and as an artiste so, it’s only right his sound changes and that is evident on this album.

The beats, and features are the driving force that makes the record a masterpiece.

Although, like other albums in the past, it lacks substance, yet you can’t deny the cohesiveness of the sound.

A great effort, a beginning of a new trend that can be improved on and a sign of growth in an artiste.


Concept : 7

Sound : 8

Lyrics : 6

Vibes : 8

Mood: 7

Collaborators: 9

The ratings are in no particular standards, just the view of the writer.

You can give your thoughts and views in the comment section below

Made In Lagos Album Review By : Olamilekan Remilekun

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