AWESOME!!! Man Becomes VP Osinbajo’s Shoemaker After Posting This Online (See Here)

A young Nigerian man has made it in life after getting the attention of Nigeria’s Vice President, Yemi Osinbajo with his skill.

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The man with the Twitter handle @Ojbest5 made great progress after tweeting that he would like to be the VP’s shoemaker.

In the said tweet, the man also told the vice president he will like to meet him and show him the kind of shoes he makes. Weeks after his initial tweet, Osinbajo sent delegates to inspect his shop and take a look at his products.

According to @Ojbest5, there were long conversations between him and the representatives as he said a “lot of promising things are coming” his way.

Dear @ProfOsinbajo

I am a Nigerian entrepreneur who specializes on the production of quality leather shoes from scratch to finish. I will like to make shoe for you and meet you in person to show case my product to the world.

I will be grateful if I get a reply.

Please retweet 

— Vice President Shoemaker.👞👞 (@Ojbest5) November 9, 2020

See reactions below:

@ngoamazing2009 said:

Although your beginning was small but at this stage you are greatly increasing.

A testament to Osinbajo’s “Economic Sustainability Plan currently being implemented, has been an openness to new creative ideas. A proof that Made In Nigeria is better, to grow our economy.”

@aderibigbeniyi said:

Chai!!! Thank God I insisted that you must stamp my “shoe” with your logo, mesef go dey follow our VP @ProfOsinbajo rock same brand now. Jah is just wonderful. Congratulations Bro. More successes Insha Allah.”

@mojika10 said:

Congratulations! I can’t imagine how happy you are when u saw those guys. This is a small thing compared to when God will open up d doors of success He has for you. Keep up d good work! Stay out of controversial issues!! Own your voice!!! Be consistent & persistent! C U @ d top!!”

See his appreciation post below:

I really wants to thank everyone who retweeted my tweet in reference to make shoes for @ProfOsinbajo. The tweet got to him and he sent some of his people to my shop today… We talked at length and lot of promising things are coming my may.

Thank you all my Twitter family.. 

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