A MUST READ! When You Reach Age 50, Stop This Habit To Avoid Stroke

Along with diabetes and high blood pressure, stroke and heart attacks constitute the major killer diseases among people above 50years. However, according to experts, 80% of stroke cases can be prevented with a healthy lifestyle.

The risk of having a stroke whether hemorrhagic or ischemic; increases with ageing and family health history. High blood pressure has been identified as the top cause of strokes and it is important, to avoid certain foods and practices that increase blood pressure leading to stroke.

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Certain foods and lifestyle choices can increase your chances of having a stroke, especially at the age of 50 and above. However, what are these practices which readily place you at risk of suffering a stroke?

Check out these 10 foods and lifestyle choices that increase your chance of having a stroke below;

1. Consuming meat

Studies have shown that consumption of red and processed meat increases the risk of having a stroke by 10% in every three and a half ounce. This is due to the presence of heme iron, which has been known to trigger stroke. Also, the presence of pollutants like PCBs in meat can result in stroke if the pollutants accumulate in the blood stream overtime.

2. Consuming alcohol

Drinking alcohol in large quantity raises blood pressure and triglycerides in the body which invariably lead to stroke. Since alcohol is addictive, it is best to avoid it when above 50 for your health sake.

3. Smoking cigarettes

Cigarettes contain Nicotine which raises blood pressure and the resultant carbon dioxide in the burnt smoke, causes a reduction in the oxygen in blood stream. These affect blood flow to the brain thereby leading to stroke.

4. Consuming sugary foods

These foods can easily lead to diabetes, and high blood sugar can increase the risk of having a stroke due to the fatty deposits or clots inside the blood vessels.

5. Drinking diet soda

According to research delivered at the American Association’s International Conference, it was revealed that people, who consumed diet soda every day, increased their risk of getting a stroke by 48%. It is best to avoid these food drinks if you are above 50.

6. Living a sedentary lifestyle

This can result in obesity or overweight which greatly increases the risk of suffering a stroke.

7. Consuming salty foods

Salty foods can reduce the formation of uric acid in the body and result in high blood pressure. These may in turn lead to stroke. It is advisable to consume less of these foods.

8. Consuming dairy foods

Dairy foods such as milk contain a lot of fats and cholesterol which increase the risk of suffering a stroke. If you are 50 and above, reduce the intake of this type of food to avoid stroke.

9. Not doing exercise

Not doing enough exercise can greatly increase your chances of having a stroke. According to experts, taking a walk for an hour five days a week may be enough, even when you cannot do other rigorous exercises. People above 50 must imbibe this practice to prevent heart attacks and stroke.

10. Not having optimum sleep

According to health experts, the optimum sleeping hours is six. According to research at the University of Alabama, people above 45yrs, run at a risk of having a stroke if they are having less than six hours sleep.



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