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‘Buhari Has Failed In Securing Nigerians Mr Integrity My Foot’ – Fayose Blasts PMB

The former governor of Ekiti state has referred Buhari to be a corrupt President after the Transparency International report.

He said:

Transparency International has now established that under Buhari, Nigeria has become the hq of corruption.

At this point, it’s illegal and morally unacceptable to refer to Buhari as Mr Integrity.He has equally failed in securing Nigerians. Therefore, Buhari’s integrity my foot.

Now under Buhari, Mr “Integrity and Corruption Fighter”, the same Transparency International latest report placing Nigeria as the 2nd Most Corrupt country in West Africa is no longer credible.

When the President and his APC gang labelled the PDP govt of President Jonathan as corrupt, they relied on reports by the Transparency International (TI). Then, the organization was right and its reports were credible.

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