Dangote Offered Me N1m Every Month To Keep My Mouth Shut But I Refused – Dangote’s Mistress Reveals

Autumn has now taken to social media to allege that she refused an offer of $15,000 and a monthly payment of $2500 (N955,000) to keep shut about the relationship between her and Africa’s richest man.

“I was insultingly offered 15k and 2,500 a month to sign an NDA but I declined. I gained legal counsel in which we countered his offer. Mind you his first initial offer wasn’t disclosed in the terms of his proposed NDA.”. She said

In series of screenshots littered on Autumn’s Instagram, she has made it known that toeing the dirty lane of airing all that happened between her and Alike Dangote will be her next moves since the billionaire made the first move.

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