SENSE or MENT? Buhari Government Offers Killer Herdsmen N100 Billion Leaving Education Sector To Fall (See Video)

A video currently trending on social media is of an indoor meeting held to discuss solutions to Fulanis atrocities in the country.

According to the video, it’s been alleged that the Federal Government of Nigeria held an indoor meeting with some stakeholders on Fulani’s demand.

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Its been stated that the Fulanis in order to maintain peace and stability in the Northern part of the country demanded 160 Billion Niara from the government.

However, the government in a close door meeting has decided to offer the Fulani’s 100 billion Naira.

This is an amount that can be used to the ASUU workers off and even build a better healthcare system in Nigeria.

Though the Federal Government in several statements has stated inadequate finance for government to run its activities, the government is ready to offer such a huge amount to just one tribe in the country.

See Below:-

The painful thing about this is that the 100 Billion Naira government promised this herdsmen is less than what ASUU are asking for.

Fulani herdsmen will get 100 Billion cash and the country’s educational sector continues to suffer because of less money – Does this make any sense to you?

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