Viewer Express Shock As Fisherman Catches A Fish That Resembles A Monster (Photos)

Nate Iszac caught the enormous wolf eel off the coast of Alaska earlier this month and posed with it for a few photographs for Facebook before throwing it back in the water

A fisherman who reeled in a “real-life sea monster” that is known for having a nasty bite held it a few inches away from his face for a photoshoot.

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Nate Iszac, 39, caught the scary looking fish off the coast of Alaska earlier this month and took a very close look at its gigantic jaw and razor sharp teeth.

He posed for a few photographs with the creature, which was later identified as a wolf eel.

Wolf eels can grow to over 7ft long and they use their powerful jaws to crush their prey.

Nate said:-

“When we saw it there was a nervous excitement in the air.

“I have seen them before and know they can bite very hard so we were cautious.”

Nate, who lives in Oregon in the US, said he caught the enormous eel in the Bering Sea, just off Akutan Island in Alaska, on March 9.

But he threw the eel back after taking a few photographs for Facebook, and said it swam away unharmed.

After spotting the snaps on social media, one person wrote: “That’s a real-life sea monster.”

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