INSECURITY: Buhari Should Be Impeached If He Cannot Deliver – Baba-Ahmed

Spokesman of the Northern Elders Forum (NEF) Hakeem Baba-Ahmed has expressed that President Muhammadu Buhari should be impeached if he cannot safeguard the citizens of the country.

He gave this assertion while speaking on AIT’s ‘Kakaaki’ programme on Monday.

Baba-Ahmed stated that the nation cannot wait two more years for Buhari to address the issues of insecurity.

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He said those who have constitutional responsibility must realise that the country is in a dire state, and do something other than just talking and making promises.

“One option we have is that the legislators will look at the record of the administration, understand the areas where the president has failed, understand areas where there is clearly no evidence that they’re going to do anything about it and refer to the constitution that says the whole purpose of government is to secure citizens and pursue their welfare,” Baba-Ahmed said.

“If he (Buhari) fails to do that, for me, those are impeachable offences. In the last six months, two years, what has the president done differently to secure the country? Absolutely nothing has been done and yet you see increasing failure of the state to protect citizens.”

He said the second option is for citizens to get together and decide to do something.

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