PANTAMI: Stop Insulting, Provoking Southerners, Fani-Kayode Warns Gumi

Nigeria's ex aviation minister and a political frontier Fani-Kayode, was saying this at an interview monitored online that:-

Nigeria can never displace the Fulanis, all these ethnic tribes cannot work in Nigeria any more, not even religious and ethnic violence

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Those who follow him for Allah’s sake and his father before him, Sheik Abubakar Gumi who was the man that said a Christian would never lead Nigeria over his dead body and of course he died a few years later and a Christian became head of state just after he died, so that was a prophetic statement.

Now I can see that the son has taken the mantle of his father, and he’s speaking nothing but absolute nonsense.

He speaks for a large segment of people in the core north who are misguided and simply don’t know any better and I think this is the sort of thing that upsets many of us.

Nobody can tell me that it’s right and proper for him to say that if Pantami is removed that we will regret it.

I mean who the hell does he think he is. Who do they think they are? We all own this country and let me put this to him right here on this programme.

If something isn’t done about people like Pantami and others, and I’m sorry I have to talk about Pantami because we have many people like Pantami.

I’ve written one or two, and I’ve told people that I have immense respect and affection for that I would not concentrate on Pantami again but since you poked this to me and Gumi has also said what he said let me tell you that as long as we have people like Pantami in government and those that think like him in government that government, our people and their people will regret it because there are always consequences of every action.

It’s just a question of time. What has happened now is the country has been badly divided yet again and what you asked, is this a spontaneous thing?

Its contrive and what’s going on is called stealth jihad, a situation whereby there are two ways of trying to fulanize and Islamize the country.

And the first way is through what you call stealth and guile, and assimilation which is when you use tachyard deception.

You go there, pretend to be a democrat but in fact what you’re doing is bringing Islamic values to modern government and trying to impose your will on everybody also, through stealth and guile, you bring in people like Pantami and others who are known fundamentalists and have a track record of Islamic fundamentalism into government, legitimize them as nice guys, but the reality is saying he’s never killed, anybody.

I don’t know whether Pantami has killed anybody or not, but I do know questions have been asked about what happened in Bauchi a BJ few years ago to young students who frankly was involved with him one way or another.

But the boy’s father came out and said Pantami is responsible for that. I don’t know how true that is, but then there are many incidents of him saying things that are deeply insulting to the Christian community in this country when you talk about Christians and describe them as unbelievers when you say you’ll lead Muslims to march into a Christian community and lead the Muslims to kill Christians. This is unacceptable to us and for Gumi to say such is a good man, it troubles me immensely.

This same Gumi is a man who negotiates with Fulani terrorists all the time. He is th3 man that tells us it is Christian soldiers that are killing your people and not the Muslim.

Nobody wants to align with a Fulani terrorist openly but many of them support behind the scenes and that’s the dilemma that we as moderate Muslims, Christians and non Muslims have in this country. We are dealing with a group of people that don’t care how you feel and prepared to do anything to stop you.

Look at the contemptuous way he spoke about the people of Niger Delta, people of the south and people of the middle belt, with utter contempt and arrogance.

This does not anchor well for national unity. We must understand that people like him are a grave danger to the unity of this country.

If you really want Nigeria to remain together, they better learn to keep their mouths shut and stop insulting southerners, middle belters, Christians, stop provoking us, stop killing us and telling us that you own this country and every one of them.

We can’t be slaves, I will never be a slave to anybody, what I mean by that is if you don’t stop then you’ll see another dimension of this struggle.

Meaning people will exercise their right to self-preservation determination whether anybody likes it or not. Saying enough is enough, this country, everybody needs to go their seperate ways. The thing we’re saying is calling for a restructuring of this country but frankly speaking, most of our youths are calling for restructuring.

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