PERSONA OF THE SEASON: A Moment With Kingdavid Abraham - The Art Lord

Hello Remaloadite, I gat something for ya

I hope you're enjoying your day because I'm about to spice up the moment...

Today I present to you from the stables of REMALOADED STUDIOZ, Kingdavid, you'll love his works I promise.

Kingdavid who's full name is Kingdavid Francis Abraham is an artist based in Abuja but currently stationed at Uyo due to his passion in furthering his academics. He hails from Akwa Ibom State and was born on the 22nd of May. 

This creative embedded human is versatile in various forms of art especially in the area of drawing, shading, murals (wall painting), using coloring mediums such as acrylic and pencil colors much to his best preference. 

In a chat with Kingdavid, he said, "I also engage in cartoon character designs, story creation and development, consequentially graphic novels and school class room decorations."

To clear our doubts, Kingdavid took us round his art store, sincerely we were marveled and we took some photos to share with you. 

Below are some of his works;

I already have it in mind that you've developed interest in working with him, he'll create perfect art works for you. 

Come, lemme show you more:

We'd like you to connect with Kingdavid on Instagram @kinggdavid__ and twitter @kinggdavid__

Facebook @Kingdavid Abraham

This is his WhatsApp number 09019038855 

Let the Art Lord wow you with aesthetics...

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