Tiwa Savage Alleged To Be Having Affair With Access Bank CEO, Following New Sponsorship Deal

Nigerian singer, songwriter and actress, Tiwatope Savage was rumoured to be having affair with the Access bank CEO, Herbert Onyewumbu Wigwe.

Tiwa has earlier hinted that she wants to give marriage a trial the second time and from the report, it seems it’s a go for the singer.

Check the report according to cutie_julls on IG below

Ona no hear? Well our Oga Access Bank have dumped our sister Lilly for our African bad girl, Tiwa Savage.

So long story short, as Oga fitness Kemen hooked Oga Access Bank to Lilly. Lilly started making money but on the flip side, she started forming madam on brother Fitness.

Lilly had unlimited access to cash as Oga Access is a very generous lover. He was even the main master mind behind Lilly’s mom exiting to Obodoyinbo. Remember? The whole #endsars brouhaha? Okay so unknown to Lilly, Oga fitness was looking at her with one eye when she started forming madam and doing shakara up and down.

Even we online spectators weren’t left out. Didn’t u see how she was forming on us ni?. Well it was even Oga Access idea of the whole plastic surgery thing. He likes to spend money to turn his women into what he wants.

He no dey do too many girls at the same time cuz of his name, status etc plus there is madam. So Lilly had an affair along the line plus she was beginning to make it obvious.

So Oga was getting uncomfy. That was when Tiwa was connected. Toke sharp, advised Tiwa to forget Davido’s boy. Like it was embarrassing that even if Obama is good at knacking, the levels ain’t the same na.

So now Tiwa is officially Oga Access’ mistress. Lilly has been relegated. She only managed to rent fine house, fine furnishing and designer bags o. Sense only set in when Oga left and now she has started using the little money left well.

Oga used to even send foreign currency to Lilly’s mom in obodoyinbo where she is in exile.

So indeed, Tiwa is manifesting Koroba lyrics in real life.

Thumps up girl. Na Lilly mess up. Someone’s downfall is another person’s chance sha

Good gbola is important but money is importanter sha.

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