DJ Remali ft Olamide - 'UY Scuti' Mixtape

Dj Remali is back on track as he has yet again released another studio mixtape of Olamide's album, Uy Scuti. You could remember that we told you he is a promising iconic DJ with consistency flowing in his DNA. 

You can never expect less and he is set to step up the game with this mixtape, Uy Scuti mixtape. This is a follow up to 'Carpe Diem mixtape by Dj Remali' he recently released.

You can agree with me that Olamide released a brand new album titled “UY Scuti” to kick start 2021 officially. The music project which is a follow up to Baddo’s 10th studio album, ‘Carpe Diem‘ is a classic album.

In this project Olamide features Jaywillz, Fave and Layydoe creating a banging impression in the industry.

With UY Scuti, Nigerian popular award winning rapper Olamide continuously evolves on his eleventh studio album. A follow-up to 2020’s Afrobeats-tinged Carpe Diem, this project sees him set comfortable flows over roots reggae, R&B, Afrobeats and pop soundscapes.

According to Olamide,

“Carpe Diem was the beginning of the new me, and I took it to the next level of brand Olamide’s new direction on this particular project,” Olamide tells Apple Music. With a widened palette, he packages the lessons of his early street days into pop ditties that reflect his expanding worldview. “I’m a citizen of the world now, so my choice of sound is a combination of all the beautiful music I’ve heard,” he says. “This is a full-time pop album, and it’s way, way above everything I’ve ever done. My son is a huge fan of astrology, and one day he asked me what the biggest star in the universe was. I found out; it stuck in my head and I titled the project that because it’s the biggest move I’ve made in my career.” 

And now without wasting a second, Dj Remali has unleashed the mixtape of Uy Scuti to blast our speakers and bless our ears. Enjoy!!!

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