[Movie] Little Crumb: Race To The Gold Mine (2020) – Dutch

Brief Summary of Little Crumb: Race To The Gold Mine (2020) – Dutch

An action-packed sequel to the international hit, Little Crumb! After being reunited with his parents, the famous former street urchin is struggling to adjust to his new life of luxury. 

Living in a lovely villa out in the countryside may have its perks, but realizing it doesn’t match the excitement of life in the city, Little Crumb decides to run away on an adventure with his faithful dog Moor. 

His friend Anna does her best to stop him but the pair soon fall into danger when a familiar villain resurfaces, an old enemy that will stop at nothing to steal the deeds to a legendary gold mine from Little Crumb’s father.

The Wife (2021)


Filesize: 195.15 MB

Duration: 01:18:05

Audio: English Dubbed


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