No Plans To Be A Nagging Husband - Mc Drama Reveals

Nigeria's fast rising award winning comedian Una Godwin popularly known as MC Drama recently had a brief conversation with REMALOADED. 

The highly rated Master of ceremony and comedian who’s been cracking ribs on a steady has recently given futuristic insight of his personality as husband during a brief chat with one of us.

According to MC Drama;

“Life can be funny at times, yes funny I mean. I am of the opinion that, no one ‘truly’ know himself all-round since in most times we do see ourselves acting even surprised to our understanding. As human, I feel I’m more of a disciplinarian, full of energy, panic and to some extent, bossy. 

He further revealed that, "in a relationship, I tend to be an adviser, yes, an adviser who hammers on correcting wrongs especially when my partner in a conversation is at fault. Once I’m boiled, I flaw up, though sometimes I pretend like everything is fine. 

The mistake I do and wish I could turn my back from it, is  filing up the wrong acts committed by my friend, lover, and even family member. I create a place for them in my heart and wait for a perfect day that paths will cross us then I unleash the rage with very painful, but humorous words making references to what he/she did in time past. 

When this happens, I do get response such as, “Drama, you mean that which I did to you on sososo day was still in your mind” ?, unusual from the victim I’ve revenged. 

I’ll give my anger smile, trust me, you wouldn’t want to see that smile.

I recall my mother once said I act out my anger exactly like my father, but I seriously don’t want that particular attribute of my father,  I don’t. I think I have come to understand life better. I understand that it is not proper to be quick to anger and be nagging on one’s partner especially in public. Such attitude is usually embarrassing and of course, women hate being embarrassed especially in public. 

It is on this premise I ask myself, “What is correction when you don’t nag it out”? In a recent situation, I was told, “MC your annoyance doesn’t match up to the fact that you once loved”. Truly, that talk bin enter me’.  I’m scared, i don’t just want to be a nagging husband. Lord help me.

Love don turn comedian to serious person

©MC Drama 2021

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