A Chat With The C.E.O of Bunchiee's Cakes - Editimfonobong Eyibio

Bunchiee’s Cakes to the world!!! But before I go there, lemme gist u a bit...

So yesterday I decided to take a walk to some nice and amazing places in Akwa Ibom State, I met new people and learned some things from them, in fact I became friends with some. 

I visited the Ibom Tropicana,  omoooo that place is dope!!! There I met my old school mate.  Could you believe that he's working there as one of the directors?, we exchanged pleasantries and he introduced me to his workers, they were amazing, in my mind I was like , "so sapa never reach here ooo see as dem  fresh". 

After spending quality time with them, Akan (that’s my friend) took me to Akwa Ibom International Stadium, guys that place is amazing, indeed it is one of the best international stadiums in Africa and the best in Nigeria. I stayed there for a while observing how things went on.

We then proceed to Ibom Airport, comrades Akwa Ibom State has about 10 aircrafts, just one state ooo, this is incredible and shocking at the same time. We visited many places I can't even remember. Eventually we decided to stop by a restaurant to have a tête-à-tête with our stomachs.

 Concerning food, Akwa Ibom State is the best, don't try arguing guy.... those guys are excellent, them and Cross River State.  Babes full everywhere ooo, make I no enter dat side for now, I’m already planning to marry from there sef.

My friend don turn my tour guide abi manager ooo. He took me to Le Meridian 5 Star Hotel still in Akwa Ibom to meet his business associates ooo, it was there he suggested we eat some cakes since this is a festive period. 

Comrade, before I could say I prefer shawarma, my guy don order cake ooo, he just said to the waiter, "give me my usual, Bunchiee's cake". I was like, "baba which one be Bunchiee’s cake, I don't eat dessert anyhow ooo" so he said "keep quiet don't say what you don't know, just taste this cake if you no like I go give you 20k to wash ur mouth".

Who no like money, and it’s not easy to impress me like that when it come to cakes. I was ready to bet ooo, but when I tasted the cake, I didn’t' know when I finished two parfaits. 

My guy dey laff me. But seriously, Bunchiee's cake is something else, it’s just perfect. I have my cake plug, but this guy has captured my mind. I bought some and took them to my few of my colleagues, friend and family... all of them are just commending the guy for the astonishing taste. I’m currently eating Bunchiee's foil cake sef. 

As a lover of good things, I decided to meet the person doing this wonders, luckily for me he was around. I introduced myself, in fact my friend did the introduction and we spoke at length. As we had our conversation, I discovered that Bunchi is a musical artiste & baker/cake designer, he does other pastries too.

His full name is Editimfonobong Eyibio. He was born and raised in Akwa Ibom state and lives in Uyo the capital city.

Currently a student in the University of Uyo, Theatre and Film studies. When the 3rd February born talented comrade told me that he is also a musician. I was like, “Wow, can you imagine!?!?”

Concerning his musical career, Bunchi has two musical tracks, with three collaborations. Guys, I listened to these songs and I promise to upload them soon. The sound is crazily dope!!!

I asked him about the Bunchiee's Cakes brand and he said that he has been baking for years now, but he started baking officially as a brand in the year, 2018.

Bunchiee's Cakes has been operating for 4 years & still counting. Bunchi is a very creative young entrepreneur who is passionate about creating good music, creating good recipes, trying out new things, and as a business man, satisfying his costumers.

Bunchiee's Cakes offer:

Wedding Cakes,

Birthday cakes,

Below are few Bunchiee Birthday cakes I saw:

Foil cakes, (Long & medium sizes);

Below are some

Cake parfaits,

Below are few I saw, yezzz I consumed two of this oo


Below are some of Bunchiee's Cupcakes. If you're a DJ Cuppy fan, see your siblings oooo

Others include, Anniversary cakes, (any special event,& surprise)

Naked Cakes, Gift boxes, etc…. dem plenty aswear.

His hobbies include; singing, song writing, reading, baking. I even met him reading sef. Thanks to Akan for making me meet his awesome personality. A comrade and more!!!

You can connect with him via his WhatsApp number +234 907 864 2161

 Facebook, Bunchiee Eyibio

Instagram: bunchiees_cakez

Facebook page: Bunchiee's CAKES

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