RL FACT CHECK: The Real Cause Of Russia And Ukraine War, The Origin, How It Started And All You Need To Know

The Russian and Ukrainian “war” has been the most trending news lately and just today Russian military entered some part of Ukraine’s eastern territory in what so many people have termed “the absolute declaration of war” by President Vladimir Putin.

However, if you are lost on the gist as I was before researching. Let me quickly bring you up to speed, with a more comprehensive breakdown.

Let’s start from the beginning.

Many years ago, Russia, Ukraine and some other countries in Eastern Europe were all siblings from the same mother- “Soviet Union”

With Russia being the appointed elder brother.

But after the sudden death of their parents on “26 December 1991”, all their parents landed properties including kitchen stuff like Armour cars, drones, nuclear weapons and vegetables like biological weapons, etc was shared between all the siblings.

As per elder brother, Russia received the largest of them all.

Now, keep that in mind because we will come back to it.

As years goes by, Russia has been very prudent with its gifts and has grown so massive that it is now rated as the second most powerful country in the world.

But there is a bigger problem. Other Russian siblings except Belarus are not in love with Russia. They say Russia is a bully and so they are going outside their zone to fall in love and romance with countries like the USA, France, UK, etc.

Russia is not happy with this and in fact, even wants the family to come together again in other to preserve their family legacy.

Now, remember when I told you that Russia received the largest share of their properties?

Well, it helps Russia in raising millions of children and even enough to trains millions as soldiers.

So, Russia is not only one of the most largest countries in the world, but it also has one of the most powerful military power in the world. According to global firepower rankings, Russia is number 2.

Now, you might not understand how powerful Russia is when compare to Ukraine until you know, for every Ukraine soldier, there is like 4 to 5 Russian military man.

Ukraine thinks this is scary stuff because even though, they don’t want to go back to their family, Russia has the power and can force them to come back home.

“Remember when your Daddy forced you to eat?” Lol

So because of this fear, Ukraine wants to join NATO.

NATO = The North Atlantic Treaty Organization.

It is a military organisation that comprises many countries with the USA as their most powerful member.

Their MOTTO is “Injury to one, injury to all

So if one country is having wahala, other member countries will come together to help their “cartel man”.

But Russia doesn’t want to have any of that. They say,

“Taah if you can not come back home, you can not marry that wife-join NATO”

And they are kind of justified. You know why?

If Ukraine joins NATO, it means countries like the USA-an arch-rival and sworn enemy of RUSSIA can bring their weapons and spying equipment to Ukraine and peep at Russia while their main man is doing something with his babes lol. And that is not fair.

So, to prevent this from happening and to show how serious they are about it, Russia started bringing together thousands of army people around the Ukraine border.

They wanted to enter the country “codedly” until Ukraine found out on time and shouted to other countries to come to their aid.

Other countries stood up immediately because they know what Russia can do.

Some countries sent weapons to Ukraine to help them, some sent motivational speakers(military advisers), others like Germany even sent helmets. Lol

They hoped that, if Russia see all of these, they will fear and turn back.

But not Russians, their heart is as iced as the many snow that dots around Moscow.

So, today, Russia still entered Ukraine and declared military operations.

What do you think about this?

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