WAR: Reasons Ukraine Hasn’t Completely Destroyed Russian Forces Yet - Zelensky Reveals

Ukrainian President, Volodymyr Zelensky has said that with the necessary weapons supplied to them, his forces would completely destroy Russia.

He said that, for instance, the Russian siege of Mariupol will end as fast as possible if Ukraine is supplied with heavy weapons, such as jets and enough heavy armoured vehicles.

Zelensky, however, lamented that his country is not getting those weapons as much as they need them to end the war sooner.

He said this in his nightly video address on Monday, adding, “When it comes to the necessary weapons, we still depend on the supply, on our partners.

“Unfortunately, we are not getting as much as we need to end this war sooner. To completely destroy the enemy on our land.”

“And to fulfill those tasks that are obvious to each of our people. In particular, to unblock Mariupol.

“If we got jets and enough heavy armored vehicles, the necessary artillery, we would be able to do it,” he said,

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